01 September 2017

On the 1st of September 2017, our state-of-the-art workshop has seen a massive increase in capacity, upgrading from 13 to 30 workbays, which includes 21 workbays for mechanical/electrical repairs, 3 Diagnostic bays, 4 bays for vehicle cleaning/detailing and 2 Inspection bays for Service Reception. Strengthened by our advanced technical capabilities, the workshop offers comprehensive care for your vehicle. Our workshop is in line with BMW global standards, it includes a computerized test lane with a brake and suspension tester, equipped with an enhanced noise detection module. With our test and diagnosis equipment specialized for the high voltage technology used in BMWi and iPerformance, we are geared to provide service and repairs for same at the highest level. Our BMW Collision Repair Center is located near to our main Service Center. It represents the only BMW-authorized facility in the country to carry out carbon fibre repairs and replacement and also is the first centre in the Sri Lanka which is exclusively using water-based paint.. Prestige Automobile is the only authorized service centre which provides free product upgrades announced through the manufacturer.